Landlords can use all the help they can get in this day and age when leasing out a property. Whilst its a legal obligation to have a Land Registry Lease plan on any property rented / leased for a period of 7 Years or more, We recommend that on any property a Lease Plan is produced and included in the Lease.  
The reason for this is to define boundaries the tenant is responsible for, it also gives clear instruction if the tenant is responsible for structural repairs or not.  

What Else Can Lease Plans show? 

Lease Plans can be an extremely helpful tool for any Tenant disputes with regards to Communal areas / Bin Stores or Parking spaces.  
The Land Registry Lease Plan clearly defines what each tenant occupies, this is very important in multi occupancy settings as it cont extinguish any disputes before they arise.  

How can Land Registry Lease Plans Show this? 

Lease plans can clearly define boundaries including Internal and External areas, we do this by producing an internal floor plan drawn at a scale defined by the Land Registry however we are happy to produce scales set for the client so that you can display the plan in your building. We can also produce external plans that show the boundaries and communal areas for example bins and personalised parking. 
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