Whats a Photographic Schedule of Condition? 

Schedule of conditions are an extremely important document that helps establish the fairness of the Dilapidation's report at the end of tenancy.  
Dilapidation's can be a drawn out process where both parties appoint building surveyors to argue the amount of works needed to bring the property back up to scratch.  
As you can imagine both parties will come to very different figures depending on if your the Landlord or Tenant, but which one is correct?  
Unfortunately to get to this figure, its a lengthy and expensive process, which in our opinion is an unnecessary process. 
Photographic Schedule of Conditions are a Low cost alternative that provides a fair and diplomatic document that is produced at the start of the tenancy where both parties sign off on the condition of the property.  
This document is then used at the end of tenancy to establish the Dilapidation's claim.  

Why Should I have a Photographic Schedule of Condition over a Standard Schedule of Condition? 

Our Surveyors have a Building Surveying background in producing both these type of Surveys. A Schedule of condition is a document produced by a Building Surveyor with the required experience to produce to a High standard. However all Surveyors recognize that these surveys are written by that Surveyors expert opinion. To many people this should be enough to progress with the Dilapidation's however the Building surveyors game comes into place between Building surveyors on opposing parties side argue to come to a figure for the dilapidation's.  
If however you have an Photographic Schedule of condition produced to a high standard with both the Landlord and Tenant signed off on the document you have an extremely strong piece of evidence for later on at end of tenancy, as photos don't lie whilst a Surveyors opinion can be questioned on light levels, time of day and being impartial to either the Landlord or tenant. 

Types of Schedule of Condition? 

Photographic Schedule of Conditions are split into 3 categories: 
1) Non Invasive Building Condition 
2) Roof Photographic Schedule of Condition - Drone use will be permitted. 
3) Plant Photographic Schedule of Condition - We have well established links to put you in touch with a partner of ours. 

Non Invasive Photographic Schedule of Condition  

Our most popular Photographic Schedule of Condition is the Building Condition Photographic Condition, This is a purely Non Invasive survey including Internals and Facades however omits any roof condition as this is purely an non invasive survey.  
It will cover primarily but this is not a exhaustive list 
a) Walls 
b) Floors 
c) Doors 
d) Windows 
f) Basic HVAC appliances 
g)External Facades 
h) External Car parking and yards 
This is not an exhaustive list as its dependant on the type of property.  

How Can I Benefit from a Photographic Schedule of Condition 

UK Land Registry Plans can produce a Photographic schedule of Condition whilst we are on site to produce Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans. This is becoming a favourite service for us as we can double up the surveys under one visit.  
Its also a really good point to have the Schedule of Condition undertaken as its just at the pint that the Tenant is moving in as we are already producing the Lease plan, so the Photographic Schedule of Condition can be presented when signing the lease. 

Types of Buildings we can Provide Photographic Schedule of Conditions for: 

Public Houses  
& Restaurants 

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