Land Registry Transfer Plans aid in the submission of applications to HM Land Registry forms TP1 or TP2. 

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What Does a Plan require to be classed as HM Land Registry Compliant?  

Back in 2002 the law was passed to ensure the continuity of ALL plans being submitted to HM Land Registry, The guidelines imposed in this law set out a simple format to follow in order to ensure the plans are clear and consistent for all parties involved. 
This plan must be accurate and to scale. 
The preferred scales are 1:500 and 1:1250 for urban properties, this is sufficient to show the extent of the property boundaries with in its given location for the majority of cases, With Some larger sites and more rural locations where this scale is not sufficient the scale can be 1:2500 to ensure the entire demise of the site is accurately shown. 
The Plan MUST clearly show a NORTH point for orientation. 
Clearly show all buildings correctly placed and orientated withing the demise of the property as well as in relation to surrounding properties. 
The floor levels should be clearly outlined if they are not aligned(where required) Such as in cases of Flying freehold over another property or where the property sits in a larger dwelling, I.E a Flat in a Block. 
The Plan must clearly show the demise of the land being transferred from a given title/deed. The Title number needs to be referenced  
The Map used for the presentation of the plan MUST Have sufficient detail to be identifiable and be consistent wit OS regulations. 
Be clearly identifiable with regards to location (i.e. it must show roads, road junctions or other landmarks around the land) 
Clearly define the border of the demise and Include any land associated with the property, such as the garage, garden, as well as show any access, rights of way or common areas/shared access areas over the property. 
Clearly indicate the separate parts of the property, such as the house, parking, dustbin space clearly denoting the areas that are the sole responsibility of the tenant and which are shared with others where applicable. 
Show a Scale on the plan and where possible/appropriate show at lease one measurement for reference. 
Clearly indicate the size of the plot/demise in an appropriate scale for the size. 
I.E: Sq/ft - Sq/M or Hectares/Acres. 
In addition, specific presentation criteria is taken into account, including edging of a sufficient thickness to not obscure any other detail on the plan and measurements in metric units to two decimal places only. 

Occasions When You Need a Transfer Plan 

The Transfer plan is essentially a drawing that identifies a section of land in an existing title that is to be re-located into another title.  
These usually are carried out with the use of forms TP1 or TP2. 
The transfer plan can be a useful and fundamental requirement to assist in this process, In circumstances where a verbal description will not suffice. 
There are a number of reasons why you might need to obtain a Transfer plan, but the most prevalent are: 
Submission of TP1 or TP2 forms, to support the applications(s) 
Land forming part of a transfer title/deed as been previously unregistered is being sold 
A section of land being split into two or more parts and sold or held under a different entity IE a pension fund. 

Why Do I Need a transfer Plan if i have a title plan? 

A title Deed shows the entire demise of a given title, When a client seeks to transfer parts of this into another title or lease a section of a whole out etc, TP1 and TP2 forms needs to be filed.  
To assist the application/transfer a plan outlining the portion of land and the relevant covenants over it can be a great asset over a verbal description in many cases. 

What Happens If I Don’t Have a Compliant plan? 

The reason these plans are taken so seriously is that it can save a great amount of time and money. Transfer plans cost around £199.00 for the smallest properties, with prices increasing as the size of property to be examined increases. Depending on access, this can take several days to undertake. 
However, if your property requires a lease plan, it’s worth getting it right the first time. If the plan you provide to the Land Registry is not compliant with their regulations, the likelihood is that your application will be rejected. Should this happen, you will need to resubmit your application with a replacement plan 

Why can’t I use existing title deeds? 

In Many cases an existing title deed may not have sufficient detail to reflect the transaction. 
Also many original title deeds are scaled to A1 and have been reduced in size for convenience, this reduces resolution, looses details and ultimately makes them inaccurate and unscalable. 


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