To comply with all current legislation 

Employers/landlords must plan for emergencies, give suitable training and advice to their staff or tenants and provide a full range of Fire Evacuation Plans / Fire Escape Plans at all appropriate locations, which are guaranteed to provide clear instruction by using symbols for fire escape routes, location of fire equipment, fire exits and fire safety instructions. 

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2D and 3D evacuation plans 

BEST Compliance can offer both 2D and 3D evacuation plans depending on the size and complexity of the plan some work well as 3D and others are better as 2D plans, we are happy to discuss the best options for your specific requirements. 
Depending on the location, size and complexity of the building they should also show Fire Assembly Point Information. 
By displaying accurate Fire Evacuation Plans / Fire Escape plans, you will be improving the escape and rescue of your building’s occupants. The plans can be used by both the occupants as well as intervention and emergency forces. 
They should be prominently displayed in public areas and workplaces. Designed to complement your existing building evacuation strategy and address specific needs of the building’s occupants. 

Quick and safe fire evacuation 

Using a clear, simple to follow picture of the floor which shows only the information that is relevant to a quick and safe fire evacuation, our professionally designed fire escape plans are the best available. 
These evacuation plans support the legal requirements of the RRO to communicate your emergency evacuation procedures and follow current and emerging international standards. 

Uniquely Scalable Plans 

We provide fire escape plans for a diverse range of commercial properties and property management companies. We design fire escape plans for hundreds of properties every year, including offices, warehouses, manufacturing and distribution centres. 
Our Fire Evacuation Plans and Fire Escape solutions are uniquely scalable to the size of organisation we work with. Our fire escape plans are used in small serviced offices through to large, complex buildings and healthcare estates. 


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