Here at UK Land Registry Plans, we have the same conundrum most days, A client asking for a Land Registry Lease Plan, when they really require a Land Registry Title Plan.  
As we have a long history of this problem, normally we ask the right questions to determine exactly what plan you require however on some occasions due to the sensitivity of the sale for example, some clients understandably keep discussions to a minimum. 

How Can you tell the Difference? 

The difference between the two types of plans are pretty obvious, in essence the Land Registry Lease plan will have an Internal Floor Plan whilst the Land Registry Title plan will not have this as its not a required field, however we have added these onto Title plans if needed.  

In Brief which Land Registry Plan will I need? 

A very brief answer to this question, If your renting out your property for a set amount of time you will require a Land Registry LEASE plan, if you are selling land, Assigning Land for example you will require a Land Registry TITLE Plan.  
This is not an exhaustive list just a very quick breakdown for any help please call us  

Do I have to go through my Solicitor to gain a Plan? 

Absolutely not.... Most of our clients get the plan before they instruct the Solicitor, to save time and money. We wont lie though having a solicitor negotiate with can be very helpful for us, however as long as you have the deeds for example it wont be a problem.  
Most of our negotiating with solicitors are the colour of the lines used, if we haven't got access top the lease/ deed, as whilst now they are standard colours, in the past every colour of the rainbow was used.  
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